Simple to use 

CrossTracer is easy to set-up. There is no need to enter personal information. 
To get started: 
  • Download CrossTracer from the App Store or Google Play
  • Make sure your device has Bluetooth turned on
  • Install and set up the app 
CrossTracer does the rest.
Privacy-first algorithm

CrossTracer was engineered for privacy. All data remains on your device unless you have a diagnosis. When there is a diagnosis reported, anonymized data is transmitted to the server. The data sent is a set of contact tokens generated using an algorithm that protects your privacy. These contact tokens do not allow for tracking to a device. 
Receive warnings and alerts of possible exposure

When someone tests positive and reports their diagnosis in CrossTracer, anonymized data is sent to the server. All of the people who have been in contact will receive a notification that they have a possible exposure. 
Contact Tracing Statistics

View statistics of number of contacts and alerts received to take preventive actions to limit the spread of disease. 
CrossTracer Enterprise Solution

Keep employees and customers safe with the CrossTracer Enterprise Solution. It's quick and easy to setup. No personal information is tracked and our encryption algorithms keep individual identity safe. Employers receive daily tracing statistics and alerts information.
CrossTracer Healthcare Network

Authorized healthcare professionals can easily report diagnosis when another CrossTracer user tests positive. These reports trigger alerts for anyone who's been in contact with the diagnosed individual.  

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If you are a healthcare professional, we will send you information on how to join the CrossTracer Healthcare Network.
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