Contact Tracing

Contact tracing is a core disease control measure used by public health departments for decades. It involves health workers talking with patients to recall their past contacts during the potentially infectious timeframe to stop the spread of the disease.

Research suggests that contact tracing can significantly reduce the spread of COVID-19 in both symptomatic and asymptomatic cases.

CrossTracer helps patients with the contact tracing process by tracking interactions with others privately and automatically. 

How it works

Protection for your family

CrossTracer provides the ultimate protection for every member of the family, at work, school and any public location where there is a risk of contagion.
Privacy and Security

CrossTracer uses the most secure algorithms to protect your privacy. No personal identifying information is used for tracing. Broadcast tokens go through multiple levels of encryption and are rotated every few minutes ensuring the highest levels of privacy and security. All tracing information is stored locally on the device.
CrossTracer Healthcare Network

CrossTracer is supported by a wide network of authorized healthcare professionals who are responsible to report a positive diagnosis of any contagious disease. This ensures that every alert you receive is genuine and from a trustworthy source.
Trusted by Healthcare Providers and Employers

Contact tracing is a proven method to contain the spread of diseases within a community or organization. With its vast user base and reliable healthcare network, CrossTracer is trusted by healthcare providers and employers to protect individuals working for them.

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